Offences under the Act

The actions listed below are considered as offences, under the Act, resulting in the offender being liable on summary conviction before a Resident Magistrate. Fines are imposed:

  1. in the case of a first offence, or
  2. in the case of a second and subsequent offence

The amount payable would be commensurate with the relevant laws at the time governing such actions.


  1. Any person who practices a profession and is not registered as a member of that specified profession.
  2. Any person who uses a name or title which either alone or in combination with any other words OR letters implies that he/she is a registered member of that profession shall be guilty of an offense.
  3. Intent to deceive:
    • Any person who: forges or uses or lends to or allows to be used by any person their certificate issued under the Act.
    • Makes or has in his possession any document so closely resembling such certificate as to be calculated to deceive.

Disciplinary Proceedings

Disciplinary proceedings are conducted against registered members in the case of accusation of professional misconduct or where found guilty of a criminal offense. The Council may

  1. censure
  2. suspend registration for a period not exceeding one (1) year, or
  3. direct the Registrar in writing to remove his/her name from the Register of Professions.

Whenever the name of any person has been removed from the Register, the Council may in writing require such person to return to the Registrar his/her Certificate of Registration.

The Council may direct the Registrar to restore to the Register the name of any member of the profession struck off.


Complaints of Professional misconduct against any member of the specified profession may be formally logged at the office of the Council situated at the Ministry of Health Building, Oceana Complex, 9th floor, 2- 4 King Street, Kingston.


Complaints procedure

  1. Prepare a letter of Complaint addressed to the Registrar stating:
    • Name and profession of the accused
    • Date and time the incident occurred.
    • Name of the Institution or office where the incident occurred.
    • Names of witness/ witnesses.
    • Full description of the nature of the incident.
    • Your name, address and telephone numbers.
  2. The allegation is referred to the Council which will appoint an Investigation Committee to verify and formally endorse the statements made by the complainant.


  1. Where through Disciplinary proceedings the member is found guilty of professional misconduct or proof of criminal offences is provided, an appropriate sanction is imposed for either situation.