Jamaica Association of Professionals in Nutrition & Dietetics (JAPINAD)

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About Us

The Jamaica Association of Professionals in Nutrition and Dietetics (JAPINAD) is a non-profit professional organization that represents all practitioners in the field of Dietetics and Nutrition. This local association was launched in 2002 and to date we have a membership of over 400 professionals and para-professionals. Our members are employed largely to the Ministries of Health and Education; tertiary institutions and in the private sector. JAPINAD is managed by an Executive and a Board of Directors. Since its inception in 2002 JAPINAD has had annual technical seminars. The first technical Session, entitled ‘Nutrition and HIV/AIDS’, was put on with sponsorship from the National STI Programme of the Ministry of Health and the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI) in August 2003 at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Montego Bay. The second technical session, entitled ‘Nutrition and Early Childhood Development’ was held in August 2004 at the Golf View Hotel, Mandeville. This event was sponsored by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). The third technical session was in conjunction with the 2005 conference highlighted above. The fourth technical session, entitled ‘Wellness opportunities and Strategies in Nutrition and Dietetics’ was held at the Medallion Hall in Kingston on August 25, 2006. This event was sponsored by PAHO and the Environmental Health Foundation.


To encourage excellence in the practice of nutrition and dietetics and to promote the professional image and interests of nutrition in collaboration with others on the health care team and the wider community.

Association’s Address 6 Caledonia Avenue, Kingston 5.

P.O. Box 227, Mona, Kingston 7


Association’s Email Address japinad@yahoo.com
Association’s Telephone numbers 1(876) 345-FOOD (3663)
Name of Association’s Council Representative Mr. Kirk Bolton
Council Representative’s Mobile # 1(876)777-1903
  Name of Executive/Board member Area of Specialization Location
1 Mrs. Vanessa White-Barrow President UTech
2 Mrs. Rosalee Brown Vice President WRHA
3 Dr. Christine Fray-Aiken Secretary UTech
  Ms. Chenell Griffiths Assistant Secretary South East Region
4 Ms. Shanika Morgan Treasurer South East Region
5 Mrs. Gladoris Robinson-Reid Assistant Treasurer WRHA
6 Mr. Kirk Bolton PRO Diet Centre Jamaica
7 Mrs. Ava Simpson Immediate Past President UTech
8 Mrs. Kaya Coore SE Regional Rep. UHWI
9 Ms. Shani Jones Southern Region Rep. NCU
10 Mrs. Julia Russell-Brown Western Region Rep. WRHA
11 Mrs. Tricia Bryan-Lewis NE Region Rep. NERHA
12 Mr. Kirk Bolton Standards & Regulations Committee Chair Diet Centre Jamaica
13 Mrs. Margaret Munroe Fundraising & Finance Committee Chair Kool Runnings
14 Ms. Sasha Ellis Networking & Media Committee Chair Bellevue Hospital


I am very honoured to continue in my service to the profession of Dietetics and Nutrition (DN) as their nominee to the Council for Professions Allied to Medicine (CPAM). I will continue to maintain the role and responsibility of the professional association by presenting the JAPINAD aims and objectives for the profession to the CPAM and ensuring that all steps are taken to guarantee the welfare of all members of the DN profession.

All members of the DN profession are encouraged to become active members of JAPINAD to ensure that their voices become part of the collective position that I’m mandated to present to the CPAM on behalf of the DN profession.